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The world of insects of public health and methods to deal with them
Anti-crawling insects
And it includes all types of cockroaches, ants and all types of insect bed and silver fish (arthropods)
1-The company at the beginning of the work contracted sprayed epicenter of all the components of the site
2. Recurring rate to spray the rooms once a month
3. The beginning of the second month generation is used to inject all the kitchens and restaurants and buffets and the process is repeated every 3 months
4. traps used Alebeologer stations lenses inside the warehouses and power plants
5. pesticide use smell useless in the fight against crawling insects open places around buildings and gardens
6. notes are to avoid a day through coordination with various departments
7 – Always use the company’s standard traps to follow the situation Technical site
8. The company is always keen to explore Ray client and its affiliates in the level of service provided through the poll cards.
9 – The company and through the FSM-site technical support to train employees on how to deal with the environment by identifying the biological insects and how to trade waste security.

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