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Elite company was founded in 2008, one of the largest Egyptian companies operating specialized in the fight against insects and rodents and cleaner furnishings and landscaping sterilize drinking water reservoirs.

And it includes all types of cockroaches, ants and all types of insect bed and silver fish (arthropods)
The company at the beginning of the contract work for all sprayed epicenter location and rate Recurring components to spray the rooms once a month and the beginning of the second month generation is used to inject all the kitchens.

The company at the beginning of the contract for a period of 15 days to conduct the survey and evaluation to determine the quality and size of injury to determine the best method. The company also makes and the first line of rodent control around the walls of the site by using fast-acting baits to make sure to prevent the infiltration of rodents inside and use the company’s fixed stations within the site.

Use the company’s devices and spray the finite in the fight against flying insects inside rooms at a rate of iterative once a month. The company is using the spray devices and spray all the restaurants and kitchens at a rate of iterative once every 15 days in the winter and once a week in summer. The company uses traps adhesives, tapes attractive and fisheries Food and biological valuable open spaces.

Our policy of public

It aims to politics and public company to achieve a balance between the requirements of our customers target of its investigation and Mataatbah the company to use more styles safer on the environment in accordance with international quality standards, which are advised by the World Health Organization
1-expansion in the use of bio-chemical alternatives to pesticides
2-use package environmental solutions, which comes at the end of the use of pesticides in cooperation and coordination with the client
3-use of pesticides in the picture is best suited for each site to achieve better results
4-non-use of thermal fogging devices (Alfojr) to serious harm to the environment and lack of effectiveness by the World Health Organization report and prevent their use within the EU and American countries since 2001
5 company-spray devices using the finite at a young age as the newest scientific methods with smarter and full safety and preservation of the environment which are used in advanced countries of the world ULV))


The world of insects of public health and methods to deal with them Anti-crawling insects And it includes all types of cockroaches, ants and all types of insect bed and silver fish ...


Cats, dogs, foxes and other ........ Can be summarized the most important methods of control in those circumstances, therefore, 1. the use of poisoned baits temporary fast-acting 2. Use of water poisoned fast-acting 3. ...